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  • BODY PEELING: Treatment which consists of an aesthetic exfoliation of the surface layers of the skin, in order to remove dead cells and renew the skin tissue.                                                                                                                                                            
  • SHOWER WITH ESSENTIAL OILS: warm water shower  with diluted essences to stimulate the senses, while relaxing the body.  

  • WRAP: Body treatment consisting of whole or partial cover of an area, or entire body, with seaweed, mud or plasters, formed by substances containing vitamins, oligoelements, amino acids, etc ... to improve skin condition. Furthermore, the wraps may have anti-inflammatory, analgesic or improvement of circulation effects.

  • MUD: These muds are obtained from the mixture of soil and medicinal mineral waters. They are applied for aesthetic and / or therapeutic purposes.

  • PARAFANGO: Mixture of paraffin mud or sludge for its application on different areas of the body.

  • PRESSURE JET: energetic jets with a pressure of 0.52 atmospheres from which the client is placed at a distance of 3 or 4 meters on his back and with both hands holding on a handrail. The thermal effect of the water has a strong effect of pressure or massage.

  • THERAPEUTICAL MASSAGE: Technique that consists of manually apply on the body a number of maneuvers to achieve effects myorelaxants, analgesics and decontracting. Indications are also relax of the muscles and reactivate circulation.

  • LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE: manual massage to activate lymph circulation and to eliminate fluids and toxins.

  • VICHY SHOWER:  horizontal shower to make underwater massages as well as mud and / or seaweed treatments. It consists of a horizontal shower column, a faucet and a stretcher box.

  • PRESSOTHERAPY: massage technique which, through a system of air chambers, holds the upper and lower extremities, progressive pressure induces suitable effects for circulation disorders such as edemas and circulatory failure.

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