Located on the first floor of the building on the beachfront, our wellness center offers our clients a relaxed and quiet space where it is possible to take care of body and mind.

Even on holiday, in our facilities you will find everything you need for beauty and we offer a wide variety of relax body treatments ranging from chocolate wrappers, cherry, wine, pomegranate, seaweed and marine muds, in our hot water beds, to whirlpool baths, Vichy shower and Scottish shower.

Beauty treatments without accommodation

Basic Pack

35 (VAT included)
  • Anti-stress massage with essential oils
  • Paramud therapy

Special decontracting

60 (VAT included)
  • Body wrap marine mud from Mar Menor on warm water bed
  • Local paramud therapy
  • Local massage 25 minutos
  • Pressure relaxing shower

Beauty plus

Fuul facial personalized treatment including:

70 (VAT included)
  • Eyebrow and superior lip hair removal
  • Scalp, neck and shoulder massage
  • Paraffin treatment .

Special tired legs

50 (VAT included)
  • Application of circulatory sea mud on legs
  • Circulatory massage special tired legs

We have more than 20 years of experience in the application of our marine mud from the Mar Menor, well known for its therapeutic and aesthetic properties. And taking advantage of the benefits that muds bring to our body, we are specialized in a series of cures for psoriasis, muscle pain, rheumatism and osteoarthritis, customizing these treatments in each case in particular. 

In addition to the corporal applications, we provide our clients with a line of natural marine mud products from the Mar Menor, Lodos Marinos Pinatar, which allows them to continue the therapies at home.

Whether you are looking for a resting holiday or just relaxing and pampering youself during your stay with us, in Aguas Salinas you will find everything you need.

Body Marine

170 (VAT included)
  • 6 Body wrap marine mud from Mar Menor on warm water bed.
  • 6 Hydro jet relaxing.
  • 3 Paramud therapic icluding to take home mud.tar

Beauty and relaxation services

Our clients can choose the massage that best suits their needs from a massage menu such as: circulatory, therapeutic, with hot candles, with aromatherapy, with Karite butter, craniofacial, in pairs ...

In the area of ​​aesthetics, we use a wide selection of state of the art facial and body equipment, including: mesotherapy tissue restitutive, vac-therapy, INDIBA method, ultrasound, dermabrasion, HIFU, modeling facial pressotherapy. All this at the hands of a group of expert professionals and combined with manual applications, whose objective is to achieve a more effective and relaxing result.


We have a wide list of massages to offer you and that can be adapted to your needs.

  • Relaxing massage with essentials oils and aromatherapy
  • Circulatory massage
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Sport massage
  • Scalp, neck and shoulder massage
  • Candle massage (with hot candles)
  • Hot-stone massage (geothermal)
  • Massage with pindas
  • Couples massage
  • Therapeutic massage

Body aesthetics

Regarding body treatments we can highlight among others:

  • Body wrap marine mud from Mar Menor, chocolate, cherry, seaweed on hot water bed
  • Body peeling of saline microcrystals with essential oils
  • Body ultrasounds
  • Mesotherapy-Liposculpture
  • INDIBA body radio frequency

Facial aesthetics treatments

We cover services throught manual treatments, up to the application of last generation machines.

  • Facial hygiene
  • Collagen veils, 24 k golden treatment
  • Treatment of vitamins, acne, anti-age, fat regulator
  • Multi-acids
  • Dermobrasion
  • Facial mesotherapy
  • Modeling facial pressotherapy
  • Ultrasound
  • HIFU method

Other services

  • Manicure (gel nails, semi-permanent)
  • Pedicures
  • Wax hair removal
  • Diode laser hair removal
  • Dye and eyelash lift
  • Social and event make up

Unique experiences

Wine therapy

Treatment by which we take advantage of the excellent benefits that the grapes and the wine contribute to our skin and organism.

Consists of: body exfoliation, hot red vine wrap, relaxation massage with grape oil.
  • Rich in vitamins (A, B, C and E) that fight skin ageing.
  • Powerful antioxidant thanks to the polyphenols which act on the skin cells.
  • Stimulation of blood circulation.
  • Provides elasticity and firmness to the skin.

Cherry therapy

This therapy is based on taking advantage of the benefits of the cherry through the use and application of products derived from this fruit, so nutritionally rich for health care.

Includes: Body exfoliation, cherry body wrap in hot water bed, moisturizing massage with cherry extract oil. 
  • Remineralizing action (iron, potassium, calcium)
  • Detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, purifying.
  • Rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids.

Cosmetic of last generation

It is a new concept in Cosmoceutic treatments with maximum guarantees for skin care and silhouette.

It is based on the creation of clear and specific solutions for the specific needs of each skin tissue at both facial and body level.

Its laboratories propose specific product lines of maximum aesthetic efficiency clearly defined in detailed therapeutic protocols, achieving the best results currently known in scientific aesthetics.

A company with more than 40 years of experience in the market and with a presence in over 50 countries on five continents.

A company that is at the forefront of the latest cosmetic trends as one of the most innovative brands.

Always using the latest generation of active ingredients in high concentrations for maximum efficiency.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. It is a new non-invasive technology capable of achieving an effect similar to a facelift without undergoing a surgery.

It achieves extraordinary results in facial and body treatments.

INDIBA is the market leader in radiofrequency treatments, accelerating the body's natural recovery and restoring vitality. Known worldwide for scientific research conducted the last 35 years.