San Pedro del Pinatar

San Pedro del Pinatar is an extension of land with almost 22km2, located next to Mar Menor, the biggest natural pool of the world and one of the tourist places more appreciated in the Mediterranean Sea, where there are 315 days of sun a year and an average temperature of 17ºC. It is just 46 Km from Murcia , at the border of the province Alicante. The regional park of San Pedro is visited the whole year and it is an excellent place for ludic activities to do on the water or simply take a stroll through it. There are also many bike ways that surround the park, giving the opportunity of enjoying one of the most interesting ecosystems in Murcia, where you can see flamingos, moorhens, seagulls, herons and owls.

San Pedro del Pinatar has 14 Km of coast between the Mediterranean Sea and the salty lagoon of Mar Menor. The beaches of the Mediterranean are characterized by their width and depth, thin sand dunes and cold water. Some of them, very well known, are “El Mojón”, “Torre Derribada” and “La Llana”. However, the Mar Menor beaches are calmed and the water is warm along the whole year, like “Villanitos” and “Puntica”.

The holy week and the festivities commemorating the Virgin of Carmen on 16th july are some of the main attractions of the area. It is also important, the rich gastronomy and the variety of fishes (Goldenfish, red mullets) and seafood (prawns, lobster). The traditional dish is “Caldero”, which is baked rice in an iron cooking pot. We can’t forget neither, the Sea Museum that belongs to the fisher’s brotherhood and the collection of maps and miniatures related to the fishing world. The “Palacio del Barón of Benifayo", as well known as “Casa de la Rusa” with its numerous expositions and the “Casa del Reloj”, built in a modernist style and declared as cultural interest.